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Our Story


Our mission at Aloha Mortuary is to transform Hawaii’s death care industry through the integration of modern innovation, technologies, eco-conscious and traditional cultural practices—all while deploying the highest degree of integrity and compassion.


Our vision is to provide families the service that honors the life of their loved ones. Alleviating the family as much as possible in providing support and coordination to lay their loved one to eternal rest as extended ʻohana, or family.


Founding Story

We saw the need in the community for a funeral home that truly cares for its people, rather than taking advantage of those going through some of the toughest and most emotional times in their lives. We have witnessed and experienced other mortuaries whose main goal is to make a sale and profit off people in mourning. 

​At Aloha Mortuary, we are dedicated to treating our clients like family. “If you wouldn’t want it to happen to your family, then don’t make these families go through it.” We started the company from a desire for the freedom to make decisions based on what is best for our clientele. We want to give them what they request at affordable rates.

Join Our Team

Aloha Mortuary is hiring for a variety of positions. Please get in touch to learn about current openings. We would love to hear from you.

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