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Water Cremation

What is Water Cremation?


Water cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a gentle water processing method that is water plus 5% alkali (a common ingredient in liquid soaps) combined with heat in a pressurized chamber to mimic the natural decomposition process. It is gaining rapid adoption across the US and the world due to its gentleness and minimal carbon footprint. The water left over from the process can be used to water plants so your loved one can rejoin nature and complete the circle of life.

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Significance to Native Hawaiian Culture

In Native Hawaiian culture, mana is the spiritual essence of someone's being and is stored in one's iwi or bones, like DNA. In traditional Native Hawaiian burial practices, the bones are preserved, stored, and protected with reverence. Today's conventional modes of burial and cremation don't allow for Native Hawaiians to treat the bones of their loved one in ways that align with their spiritual beliefs. They cannot lay their loved ones to rest in the ways of their ancestors. However water cremation does allow for this. It finally makes possible the observance of traditional Native Hawaiian end-of-life practices. for the first time in generations.

As a Native Hawaiian owned and locally operated mortuary, we are proud to offer water cremation as an option for all. We work closely with respected cultural practitioners, to create service customizations that observe traditional Native Hawaiian ceremony and practices. 


Learn more about our cultural services, which encompass Native Hawaiian traditions as well as cultures from around the world.

Water Cremation & Public Policy

Water cremation is a new technology that is gaining rapid adoption around the world and the US. State legislation governs the ability for mortuaries like us to offer this service. Currently, nearly half of the states in the US have adjusted their laws to allow for its adoption. We are delighted to announce that on July 13, 2022 Hawai'i legalized water cremation. Aloha Mortuary is dedicated to providing options that benefit both our people and our land.

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Water Cremation is Gentle on the Environment

Few of us think about the environmental impact of burial or cremation, but for those who want their last moments on earth to be in harmony with nature, water cremation can be a natural choice. There are no carbon emissions, no environmental toxins, and minimal land use in water cremation. Most of the byproduct from water cremation is nutrient-rich water which can be used to water plants, returning a loved one to the earth. There are also some bone remains leftover which families can choose to either have processed and stored as a crushed powder in an urn, or they may accept the bones in their whole state in alignment with their spiritual beliefs, whatever those may be.

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